Back To Level

detalleniveldeburbujaFor 3 months, I’ve been struggling with bipolar mania which means I write on another blog.  My doctor is trying out another medicine with me, and yesterday it appeared to kick in.  I’m level, which means my mood is within a normal range.  It feels really good.

At first, the mania feels good.  I’m energetic, but eventually I feel overloaded.  I’m glad for a break, and I hope it’s a long one.

I wrote over 50 posts on my anonymous bipolar blog in that three months, plus 20k words of a memoir.  That’s about 60k words total.  I tend to write a lot when I’m manic.  If the level trend continues, I will be returning to this blog and drifting away from the other.

That means more stories, more searching for meaning in life, more observations, and more rants.

There have been many people in my life, maybe even you, who have supported me through this and have shown me patience.  I am so grateful for these people.  This has been so different than my last major mood event in 2010-2011 when I was not yet diagnosed and no one knew what was wrong with me.  Having a support network and medication has made this tolerable and not destructive.  It wasn’t nearly as bad an episode, but it could’ve been with all of the support.

Thanks guys, and look for Wally World or Bust posts starting next week when we depart for Orlando, Florida!

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