Leaning into the Fabric

thread-count-600x399I don’t always know what I will write when I begin.  I love observing people, but making a story about people you know who might read it isn’t always wise.  And there are other things happening in my life both good and complicated that I just can’t talk about, yet, and so I’m left to wonder what can I write about today?

I’m tired of forming opinions about presidential politics or fact checking Facebook friends or defending my candidate.  I think people have pretty much made up their minds except for the Bernie or Die folks.  But they’ll come around, and so will the Republicans who have vowed never to vote for Trump.  All Democrats will vote for Hillary, and all Republicans will vote for Trump.  The Independents will decide the next president.

But I’m tired of that.  We live in a nation of rich culture and endless activity.  We’re reading books, watching television and movies, rooting for sports teams, going to church, protesting corporate greed, knitting scarves for winter,  learning music, cooking our grandmother’s pound cake, and on to infinity.  There is so much more to this country than our politics.  So much more to agree on.  So much more to disagree on.  Like do you put beans in your chili.  Texans say chili is not chili if you put beans in it.  Can we are argue about that for a change?

I’ve heard our great society described as a fabric.  In other words, it is many different threads which make up a single thing…a single function.  We often feel that our lives do not matter, but think about that fabric.  Without your thread bound to all of the others, there is a flaw, a weakness.  Let’s dig deeper than our differences and alliances.  The more we are knit together, the stronger our society, our country, becomes, and the more we care for each other.

I have this image of billions of people expending and restoring their energies right now.  It’s a process we must be tethered to in order to live.  It exists between people as well; giving and taking and working together.  We may think we are alone, but there is always someone or something connected with us, engaging us, keeping us from fading into oblivion.  And so this fabric or web is lit with living energy.  It’s far greater than our single thread.  It’s all there for us.  It is a greater consciousness which we can weave our way through.  This has either everything to do with God or nothing to do with God, depending on how you see it; how you envision the great weaving forcing binding us and all life together.

And so, as our country becomes more and more divided over things that may not even affect our daily living, I ask the Great Weaver to inspire us to become aware of our connections to each other which are far greater than our beliefs about each other so that we may create something even greater than fabric; for fabric is only useful when it is sewn for a purpose.  I believe that purpose is love.  I believe that something greater than the cloth itself has a far grander idea of what we may become…together.



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