Table of Contents

  1. 7 Weird Things that I Think Throughout My Day
  2. Addendum to the Coffee Situation
  3. Arsty Fartsy In a Sea Of Sportsmen and the 80/20 Rules
  4. Because I’m Happyyyyy
  5. Big Boy Piano Lessons
  6. Blogoholic
  7. Bumped Up
  8. Calligraphy and Head of the Class
  9. The Candy Man’s Last Day
  10. Chopin!
  11. Choir Retreat:  Ribs and PYE
  12. The Church Where I Lived
  13. The Coffee Situation
  14. The Coining of “Going Scotch”
  15. Computer Programmer’s Perspective on the Oxford Comma
  16. Does God Care How We Worship?
  17. Embracing Diversity…Literally
  18. Fartle – Proposal for a new Word
  19. Fragmented Mind
  20. From Classrooms to Mainframes
  21. Full On Countertenor
  22. Girlfriend Bamboozle
  23. The God User Interface
  24. Green Screen Dream
  25. Harmonica Man
  26. Holiday Nostalgia:  A Cautionary Tale
  27. Home Turf
  28. In the Band:  A Dying Refrain
  29. In the Streets of Lonoke
  30. Introductions
  31. Kewl:  When Social Boundaries are Challenged
  32. Land Your Plane Tonight
  33. Language Geek (Logophile)
  34. The Languages of Respect
  35. Launching New Site:  The Eight Fold Path To Beatific Living
  36. Look Both Ways:  An Epidemic?
  37. Major Strawberry Picker
  38. The Million Dollar Bet, Baby Steps, and Living in the Moment
  39. Million Dollar Steak
  40. My Thing With Dracula
  41. Obsessions
  42. The Old Hymns
  43. Presbyterian Faith Healer
  44. Prize Egg: A Life Philosophy
  45. P.Y.E
  46. Republican Educator Explains Exactly Why Journalists and Politicians are Dead Wrong About Wasteful Spending in Oklahoma Public Schools
  47. Republican Explains How Oklahoma is Destroying Public Education
  48. Salvation and Hot Dogs
  49. School Cafeteria:  A Fond Remembrance
  50. The Shoulder-Shaking-Emphatic-Nodding-Know-it-all-at-Every-Lecture-You’ve-Ever-Attended Guy
  51. Some Thoughts on the Movie “Carrie” – An Obsession
  52. Sort Of
  53. Star Wars:  The Force Awakens Releases New Pics and My Excitement Level Rises
  54. Thanksgiving Folklore:  The Cat Thermometer
  55. Things I Believe That I Probably Shouldn’t Believe
  56. Tree Dweller
  57. Trying To Stay Cool
  58. A Tuba Named Boots:  The Audition
  59. Salvation and Hot Dogs
  60. Spiritual Switch
  61. Superscience, Tolstoy and Medicine, and Empiricism
  62. Un Dulce Momento Triste
  63. Walmart Class
  64. When Christ Became a Music Professor
  65. When the Choir Sings
  66. Why 42 is My Favorite Number

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