What did I hear in the woods?

cosmosbedroomThere is an old adage that we hear what we want to hear. I think it is a good adage. It speaks to the deep human propensity to make disturbed and muddy the clear, still waters of reality. But like much of the world, belief is a complicated force. Perhaps it is all in how we use it. Where would we be without the believers and the dreamers? I know my life would have much less meaning and fun without belief in the yet proven–in other words, faith.

When I was a child, I came across a film one day flipping through our limited selection of channels on TV: The Legend of Boggy Creek, a docuhorror about a bigfoot-like creature supposedly sited in Fouke, Arkansas throughout the 1940s and 1950s. It was both terrifying and fascinating. Perhaps it was the first horror movie I ever watched. It has long been one of my favorite genres. I was convinced that the movie was absolutely true–perhaps it was.

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Things I Believe that I Probably Shouldn’t Believe

We all believe things that may not be true.  We say we’re going to “take  it on faith”.  Like religion.  Some things we believe because we experienced something, or a friend whom we trust experienced something.  And then there are things we believe because we simply wish so much that it were true.  I’m well aware that I believe things that cannot be supported by hard cold facts.

Big Foot

I am fascinated by stories and photos of this illusive legend.  I’ve read, heard and watched it all.  I love Finding Bigfoot.  It is both intriguing and HILARIOUS.  I’ve never, however, seen a Big Foot.  Maybe I heard one once, but that is likely wishful thinking.  But still, there are so many species that have never been seen.  Our country’s wilderness is shrinking, so if he exists we will eventually find him….or not.  Until then, I’m sticking to my belief that there is SOMETHING out there, if only to indulge my whimsical nature.

Gluten Sensitivity

Last year, I went to my doctor about medication related side effects I was experiencing.   He called it “brain fog”.  I was performing poorly at work.  My job requires very sharp thinking…software developer.   I felt just awful about it.  It was humiliating to me.  Before the medicine (mood stabilizers), I was sharp as a tack.  I wanted that back.  I needed that back.

So my doctor, who is a DO (doctor of osteopathic medicine), suggested a solution.  Now before he said anything to me, I just knew he was going to propose something preposterous like with gluten or dairy or both.  It’s such a trend this days, and it seemed like bs to me.  And as soon as he opened his mouth, I found that I was correct.  He told me to eliminate gluten from my diet.

He explained that modern wheat is different than what we have been eating for thousands of years.  And that it contains something he called a super gluten that causes inflammation in people who are more sensitive to it.  I’d heard this all before, but I was out of ideas.

So I tried it, and guess what, it worked.  I’ve read a lot about it, and most journals say that it is a total scam, but not all.  Honestly, I didn’t care.  Even if it were only a placebo, I was cool with it.  All a placebo is is a thing or a ritual that unlocks your mind’s ability to heal the body.  I’m gluten free to this day.

The problem I have, though, is that I have really smart friends who want to relieve me of the suffering of having to eliminate gluten.  They all say the same thing, “David, it’s totally harmless for you to be gluten-free, but it is totally unnecessary unless you have Celiac’s Disease.”  With Big Foot, they just laugh because it’s a little silly after all.  But nothing I’ve ever done in my whole life has been criticized more than this.  So, I just don’t bring it up…except only to broadcast it to the entire living world in this blog.  😉


I love ghost stories.  They give me chills and nightmares and much joy.  I’ve never experienced a ghost, and maybe I shouldn’t wish to.  My wife and I went on a ghost tour in the French Quarter last year, and it was so amazing.  All the tragic, gruesome, and odd stories.  I love movies with ghosts and poltergeists and all that awesome bologna.  What I actually believe is that some people, when they die, don’t make it to the light for any number of reasons.  Perhaps they don’t know they’re dead.  Perhaps they are in so much pain they can’t let go.  Who knows.  There are so many stories that you have to wonder if some of them could be true. And I really want to see one!

Psychic Powers

Ok.  I will reach deep into the misty days long past and days that only the future can hold and tell you that yes, I believe that psychic powers MIGHT exist. I spent the better part of a decade learning to meditate and delve into the deeper layers of the soul.  I experience many odd things during that period of my life that I will never be quite sure of, enough to make me wonder.  I know this is a wildly speculative endeavor, but I’m open to the possibility.

I will confess that I’ve had my cards read several times.  The results of one of those readings was uncanny, or so it seemed at the time.  Very specific things that came to passsssssssss.

I also find it very entertaining.  Long Island Medium is a favorite.

Being a Democrat Makes Me a Better Person

Ok, this was a long held belief for me, but I’m learning that it is actually more false than Big Foot.  Yes, I’m a life long Democrat.  And I do believe in the principles of the party.  I believe in a government that helps people who need it, not just the rich.

But, I have so many awesome Republican friends, that I just can’t believe this anymore that i’m more caring then they. They point out to me that there’s a difference between feeding the poor with your own hands and giving your taxes to the government in the hopes that they will feed the poor for us.  Republicans care about people, too.  They just have different way of approaching it.

So stop this madness people!  We’re all just people trying to do what is right.  And there’s no way we can all agree on what that is.

You ask how can any serious adult believe these things?  The answer is that there are more things to life then being serious.  I really could go on quite a bit longer than this, but I’ve embarrassed myself enough already.  Don’t be afraid to believe!