beepMy twin brother and I shared a room from womb to thirteen-years-old. Those of you who have had a roommate know that you must develop and agree on certain rules to keep the peace. For example, we agreed that the last person to get in bed must turn off the light. Paul was notoriously and egregiously derelict in following this rule. There were several nights when, in our stubbornness, he and I would leave the light on until two or three in the morning because Paul refused to turn out the light under the terms of our agreement. Of course, I would eventually give in, huffing and fuming, and turn off the light.

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Wally World or Bust: An All-American Family Road Trip Travel Log


This is the log of the greatest Wilson-Burns vacation that has ever been or may ever be.  It chronicles 3000 miles of road travel and a week at Disney and Universal parks written by a dad who like, Clark W. Griswold, just wants to create the best good-old fashioned, all-American, family road trip for his family.

Wally World or Bust:  An All-American Family Road Trip Travel Log